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Title Setting up a dial up modem for automatic connection to Internet
Date Updated 9/07/2001
Description User needs to run ftp/email/web/telnet/ping tasks through Automize but has a dial up modem.  Needs to setup his default dialup connection to start when the task runs and shut down after task finishes.
Solution Automize can automatically Ftp, Email, download Web pages, Telnet, Ping on a schedule without you being present. You need to setup up your dialup account for automatic login.

We do not support dialup, but have achieved automated login and log off in the past. All the settings have to be done via Windows internet connection in the control panel and the ISP software. This documentation below is for Windows 95.   The exact details will not be the same for Win98/ME/NT/2000, but the path is similar.

Win 95 Dial Up Account:
- Left mouse click the Start button on the lower left corner of your screen
- Place the cursor over Settings and left mouse click on Control Panel
- Double click on the Internet icon.
- In the Internet Properties box, select the Connection tab
- Select the radio button for “Connect to the Internet using a modem”
- Left mouse click on the Settings button
- A “dialup Settings” dialog box will appear.
- Select the Dialup Network Connection you use to connect to your Internet service provider.
- Enter your username and password. You can also choose/change the other login properties.
- Click on Properties. On the subsequent dialog box, select the general tab and verify the telephone number you will connect too. Also, verify the other

Also enter the time to terminate the connection. Windows will automatically terminate the connection.  This setting may be in the Advanced tab or button.

Additionally, in your ISP internet connection software ‘connect dialog box’, you should select the “Connect automatically’ or ‘Save password’ options if available.

Once the system is setup for automated login-logoff, just schedule an Automize internet task. When the task starts, Windows will take over and dial up the connection.  The task will then run and windows will shut down the connection after the termination time has passed.