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Title Ftp files not downloaded - no error information provided
Date Updated 10/04/2001
Versions affected 4.0 and 4.1
OS affected All
Description The ftp task will log on and correctly list all the files in the directory.  Output log will also say that x number of files will be downloaded.  Output Log will also show the remote filename.  However, the file will not be downloaded.  No error information is provided in the output log or debug log.
Causes User entered an invalid local directory
Solution Edit your task and re-enter the local directory.  We will provide error information for invalid local directory in version 4.2.
Output Log Oct 4, 2001 11:59:34 AM 
Downloading: /Users/test/test.txt : Size 88 

Oct 4, 2001 11:59:35 AM FTP session summary: 
Total entries in remote directory including hidden objects = 20 
Total files in remote directory = 6 
Files meeting filename criteria (C1) = 1 
Files meeting transfer criteria per Ftp log & criteria C1 (C2) = 1 
Files meeting transfer criteria based on date modified & criteria C2 = 1 
Total files downloaded = 0 
Oct 4, 2001 11:59:35 AM Ftp - Ftp - Exit Code = -100
Debug Log