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Save results of a telnet command to local file
Date Updated  -  07/22/2007
User needs to logon to telnet server, send a command, and save the results of his command to a local file 
1) Create a Telnet or Telnet(Adv) task.  When the Telnet task is run, every response from the Telnet server is stored as a Variable in Automize.  Please see the help section on Task Variables for details.  The variable name is of the form:
task_title::ResponseX, where X is the response number and task_title is the telnet task title

2)  After sending the users telnet command, Automize receives data from the server.  This data is stored in the variable  task_title::Response4. 

3)  Create a File Variable task, using the following settings:
Variable Name = task_title::Response4
Full Filepath = c:\data\telnet_data.txt
Filing Options = Create new file or overwrite exisiting file
Option Value = [leave empty]

4) Create a Chain task with the following steps:
step 1 = Telnet task
step 2 = File Variable task

The telnet task will generate/update the value of the variable task_title::Response4.  The File Variable task will write the results out to telnet_data.txt.