Subject Ftp transfer followed by renaming the source file
Version 6.x
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hi, 
im Mario and work for a company in Australia, im interested in an FTP program that can RENAME a file transfered once it has been SUCCESSFULLY transfered, at the remote end, not at the local end. I'm looking for automation, as I'm currently having to transfer files manually, and then renaming them one at a time once it has reached the other end. 
Example: I upload the test results as test.24.10.2003.xls once it has successfully been transfered i want it to be renamed into complete.test.24.10.2003.xls
As stated before I want it to be fully automated as this will save me the hassle of having to see each individual files as it reches its destination. If your product can do that, or can be altered for my particular requirement, i would love to hear from you soon.
Reply1 Hi Mario, 
Thanks for your interest in our software. 
1) The ftp task can do the following: it can upload a file with a temp extension, so that it is not processed etc.. until fully uploaded. Once it is uploaded, this temp extension is removed. So, you do not have to rename the file. 
2) The task can also add the complete. before the filename (and if you need the date or date+ time after the filename ) etc.. 
3) so it would upload the file as: complete.test.24.10.2003.xls.tmp, and then it would rename it to complete.test.24.10.2003.xls 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply2 This sounds very much like what i need. I have downloaded your software and can access my other end... now what i want is this. 
i have this file called CWC_20040210155148_S.DAT.
accoording to your email it will be called CWC_20040210.15.51.48_S.DAT.temp until it is all transfered.
upon completion of the transfer it will be called complete.CWC_20040210.15.51.48_S.DAT 
Sorry that i forgot to state that it has to be renamed in decimal points... if that is a problem, i can make it already have the decimal places. All im basically after is safety, safety so i know that the transfer is complete and i don't have an incomplete file.
Reply3 Hi Mario, 
1) The filename field in all tasks accepts variables and wildcards, so you can set the filename to match the current date: CWC_$%DATE::YYppdd.hh.mm.ss%$_S.DAT etc.. please look up the help file on variables / system variables / Date function. 
2) It also supports wildcards, like S.DAT etc.. or if you leave the filename field blank, it will pick up all files from the folder 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply4 Please note that the CWC_20040210.15.51.48_S.DAT will change in name, so can i set your program to rename ANY file that is in a particular directory, or files that i drop into it.
Reply5 Hi Mario, 
1) Leave the filename field blank. 
2) For the 'Append To Filename' field, you would have to use: P1::complete. 
This would append complete. before the filename. See the help file on 'Basics\AppendToFilename' for details. 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva