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Subject Windows Exit Code = 3
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message i have a Task that copies files from G:\Details 2004 to M:\Details 2004 after checking for the latest update. i'm getting an EC=3. but i can navigate to that mapping easily via Windows Explorer. it was working in the past. 
pls. advise. thanks.
Reply1 Thanks for using Automize. 
This type of issue is normally related to permissions associated with the NT service. To verify, 
1) stop the Automize NT service from service control manager.
2) Then start engine (green button ) from Automize user interface. This will start the engine in non-service context. 
3) Then run the task again. If it runs in non-service context, then the issue is a permissions issue with NT service.
Reply2 thanks. 
yes, after stopping the service and running manually, the task works. so, what's the fix?
Reply3 Please read the following articles:
make sure that the task with shared mapping format works correctly first in non-service context. 
Then shut down the engine from user interface. 
Then start up the NT service from service control manager and test task again.