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Subject Driver class cannot be found while running Database SQL task
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message We are evaluating Automize and have a problem. We are trying to run a database task for connecting to Oracle. I have the driver zip file in lib/ext directory of Automize and the database test is working successfully. However, when I create a task with the same parameters, it does not run and says Driver class not found. I appreciate your help with this, we would like to buy and implement this tomorrow once we know how to make this work.
Reply1 HI Subhadip, 
Thanks for using Automize. 
0) Did you restart the engine (green button on user interface front panel) after copying the driver to the ext folder? The database test is run by the user interface, but the database task is run by the engine. 
1) In theory, all .jar in lib/ext should be loaded correctly by the Java machine, while launching the engine. The oracle, postgress, mysql, sybase drivers should work fine in lib/ext, both using the Database test and through a task.. However, this does not work with all .jar files and I have no idea why. 
2) In version 5.50, all '.jar' files only, in the Automize folder are automatically added to the classpath when launching the scheduler engine. You can simply place your .jar files in the Automize folder , and the engine should see them. You would still have to keep the .jar files in the lib/ext folder for the Database test utility to work. 
3) After you copy the .jar to the Automize folder, make sure to restart the engine. 
-- Hitek Software
Reply2 Thanks, 
I did not restart the engine. I thought restarting the application window will automatically restart the engine. Anyway, now its working fine.