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Subject Ftp resume transfer after incomplete download
Version 5.x,6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I have automize 5.0 and have just installed the patch. 
Where is the feature to resume upload/download on an ftp transfer enabled? 
Where can I set the number of retries? 
Please advise asap. 
Thank you.
Reply1 Hi Antoinette, 
Automize has an automated ftp task, which does not allow resumes. 
If a download/upload fails, you can configure the task to transfer the same file again in the next scheduled run. For this, Choose the 'Log Transfer' option and 'Transfer based on Ftp Log' option. 
Only successfull transfers are logged into the ftp log, so if a transfer fails in one schedule , it will be picked up in the next schedule. Make sure that you increase the Size of the Ftp log (Logs menu / Ftp Log menu item) 
-- Hitek Software