Subject Saving Telnet task data to a local file
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message It is a telnet connection. I can navigate to the part where I can display data on the telnet site but I want to save that data into a file locally. I can not find anywhere in your instructions or on your website to do that.
Reply1 Hi Jeff, 
I assume you are referring to Automize telnet tasks. 
1) For the telnet task, there are variables called taskTitle::Response1, taskTitle::Response2 etc.. which correspond to each reply from the server. You can use the File Variable task to output these variables to file. or: 
2) Each task has its own tasklog. You can manually save this file to disk while viewing the Task log via the Logs menu, or look at the file in the Automize\tasklogs folder. 
-- Hitek Software