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Subject Can date variable 'dy' be expanded to print 3 digit?
Version 5.x,6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message For date variables "dy" prints out the day of the year (sometimes known as the Julian day). Can this be expanded to print 3 digits? eg.: 002, 069, 364 Thanks,
Reply1 Hi Brendon, 
Thanks for the suggestion. 
Yes, currently this variable can be 1, 2 , or 3 digits. I will add another variable to let this value be fixed to 3 digits. 
To maintain the hh,hhx, mm,mmx etc.. nomenclature, we will redefine the variables as: dy = 3 digit day of year dyx = 1,2 or 3 digit of year wy = 2 digit week of year wyx = 1 or 2 digit week of year 
This will be added into the next patch update 5.58. I do not know when we will release this patch. 
-- Sincerely, Hitek Software