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Subject Why don't tasks run in the background and allow my screen saver to stay on
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I downloaded your trial version. I have a question concerning automize running in the background. 
Question: Automize task scheduler apparently runs in such a manor that my windows screen saver does not kick on...or is turned off when the next scheduled task is executed. Why don't these features run in the background and allow my screen saver to stay on? 
Question: If I purchase this software, do I need to reinstall over the download version? 
thanks, mark
Reply1 Hi Mark, 
Thanks for evaluating Automize. 
1) No, once a version is downloaded, and if you decide to purchase, all you need to do is register/unlock the software using the Help menu / register menu item. i.e. the trial version is the full version. 
2) We have just released version 6.x. I am not sure if you are using 5.x or 6.x. If you are using 5.x, and need to upgrade to 6.x, you would have to install 6.x again over 5.x. 
3) The Automize tasks are run by an egine which runs in the background. If all your tasks are non desktop interactive like copy/delete/ftp etc...then the screen saver should not kick off. I just confirmed this by running copy tasks every 15 seconds. I set my screensaver to come on after 1 minute, and it did come on correctly. I even had the Automize user interface open, and the output log showing with refresh time = 15 seconds. 
4) If you have tasks that interact with the desktop like 'Open Documents' which launch a browser, or a WinCommand task that launches a batch file which has a dos window showing when it runs etc.., that would probably prevent a screensaver from kicking off.. 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply2 Thanks for your response. 
Apparently item #4 may be causing me trouble. I am running a batch file that reads a directory listing and sends the output to a file. 
How can this be executed in a manor that allows my screen saver to stay activated and yet run my batch file in the "background"? 
I installed 5.x version. Is it ok to purchase this version...then upgrade at a later date? Or should I just go to version 6.x?
Reply3 Hi Mark, 
1) You can purchase 5.x now and then upgrade to 6.x later. The upgrade cost at this time is the price difference of the two versions. 
2) The only way to run the batch file without it interacting with the desktop is to use the optional addon NT service module. This module requires an additional license. It also allows the user to log out of the system and have the tasks run as well as can automatically launch the automize engine on system startup. 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software