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Subject Calling Automize, via command-line
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Hello, 
I downloaded Automize (6.x) today and thank you for such a nice product. My challenge is as follow: 
Iím calling Automize, via command-line, from a third-party software container (Magic Software). Order of activities must be kept so Iíve instructed the container to halt (wait) until the handle is returned (closed). The problem is that the batch file CLM.bat closes instantly while the actual process (MSAccess operation) is still active. What is your recommendation? 
Reply1 Hi Shlomo, 
Thanks for evaluating Automize. 
1) If you are trying to run an Automize task via the commandline, you may want to try using the File menu / Task Runner feature instead of the CLM. 
2) In a batch file, use: cd [working_directory] [command_line] where [working_directory] and [command_line] are provided by the Task Runner feature for each task you select. 

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