Subject Automize specifications for unix
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I am looking to get more information on your product before downloading it. Could you send me some specs on Automize including capabilities running on UNIX, supported platforms, size of install, and the version of the Java runtime that would be needed. I am looking for a product for a cron replacement that would run on AIX 5L. 


Reply1 Hi Shaun, 
Thanks for your interest in Automize. 
1) Automize 5.x has been tested on all windows releases, MacOSX, Redhat 7.x-9.x, and Solaris sparc 8.x. 
2) You would need Java 1.3.1 or later installed on your system. 
3) The zip install is about 2 MB.   
4) If you are looking only for a cron replacement, Automize is more of an automation software, rather than just a scheduler. 
5) It has specialized Ftp, zip, synchronize etc.. and many other customized tasks. Take a look at the features page, and the Screenshots page of Automize to see the feature set.
6) All inbuilt Automize tasks are multithreaded. Additionally there is a synchronize feature that allows you to prevent overlapping schedules or allow an overlapping schedule to wait while previous instance of task is still running. 

Starting 6.x, We no longer provide installers for solaris, aix, and hp. We will only provide a Linux installer and a multi-platform installer which can be used on any java 1.3.1+ compatible platform. We will only test and support 6.x on windows, macosx, and linux.