Subject Ftp filename issue
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Hello, 
I am using your software and I have a little problem with ftp. Is there any way I can call and have someone to answer my questions? 
Thank you, 
Reply1 Hi Ewa, 
Thanks for using Automize. 
The fastest way to get your ftp issue resolved is to do the following: 
1) From Automize user interface, use the Help menu / Email support Generator as show below. 
2) Make sure to enter the Task Title(s) of the Ftp tasks that you are having problems with. 
3) Indicate in detail, the issue that you are having. 
4) Run the task(s) manually, just before using the Email Support Generator , to ensure that the relevant data still exists in the Automize logs. 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply2 Hi Melvin, 
Thanks for your prompt response. 
Here is my question............... I have to send the data every day. 
For the first sent the file's name is MSG081_LAB_20040505_00001.txt 
Every day the number will be incremented by one: MSG081_LAB_20040505_00002.txt,
MSG081_LAB_20040505_00003.txt and so on. 
How to set up the process to make sure, the latest one will go to the client? 
Thanks, Ewa
Reply3 Hi Ewa, 
1) The $%DATE::....%$ variable returns the current date, but your date is fixed, so using Variables will not work, and there is no way to increment the number from 0001 to 0002 automatically. 
2) you can try and use a mix of Filename wildcard and file modified time to achieve what you need. i.e. 
Try for the Filename field : MSG081_LAB_2004 
and select the option to Transfer files based on modified date: i.e. transfer files if modified time newer than X hours etc.. This will ensure that only the file created with the last X hours will be transferred hope it helps 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software