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Subject Defining a Custom Schedule
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Melvin, 
As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you. We are very happy with the capabilities of the new version of Automize and are looking forward with moving ahead with our first production system based on this software. As always, of course, there are a few small gnats left in the ointment, so to speak. 

The first is an issue that we have had since the first 6x SFTP module. Since we could work around it hadn't been a big issue, but I wanted to bring it up nonetheless. The issue being that we have never been had any luck with the 'Key Generator' in the SSH/SFTP module, when we click on it nothing occurs (no dialog or window opens). 

The second issue is one that we have had with all versions of 'J.S' & Automize; this is related to scheduling tasks to run every other week. We have file transfers that need to run every other week, for our scheduled Payroll weeks. One chain may need to be scheduled to run on payroll Wednesdays, another on payroll Fridays, etc. In some instances it looks like a schedule of every 2 weeks will work correctly, but invariably the schedule will start to run every 1 week instead. Yesterday I scheduled three transfers, two to execute every 2 weeks on Thursday, and the other (with the same type of settings) to run every 2 weeks on Wednesday. For the Thursday transfers I selected the start date to be 5/6/04, and for the Wednesday transfers 5/5/04. The next run date for the Thursday files showed 5/20, and the Wednesday files showed 5/12. What I needed was 5/20 and 5/19. I disabled these schedules yesterday and re-enabled them this morning, this resulted in the Thursday files now showed a next run date of 5/13 and the Wednesday files a run date of 5/19. Denise has come up with a cluge to allow us to run on payroll weeks, but since this utilizes a separate calendar file (one file for each day of the payroll week) and these files need to be replaced every year this could lead to problems down the road. 
Thank you again for all of your help !
Reply1 Hi Stuart, 
Thanks for the bug report. 
1) I did verify the problem with the Key Generator. It does work correctly on my test system, but not on some others... We will fix this in 6.05 
2) I will look into the biweekly schedule issue. 
3) In version 6.x, you can try to schedule every 1 week, but use the 'Options' button in the schedule dialog to run only on 1st & 3rd & 5th week of month 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply2 Melvin, 

I checked the schedule, the Payroll weeks don't consistently run on the 1st, 2nd, etc. weeks, so this option won't work. It would be useful to say "run every other week starting at this date (or, after that initial run, since the last scheduled run date). I've attached a copy of a file with our payroll dates

Reply3 1. When the schedule is by 2 weeks etc.. it calculates again if the engine is restarted, or schedules are recalculated (which happens ofent) etc.. hence the schedule is not maintained at 2 weeks. We are looking at ways to fix this but may take a while, since we have to incorporate a 'Previous Run Time' field into the schedule table. The only way to maintain the correct schedule is to compare against the previous run field. 

2. For now, you can do the following in 6.x ONLY: 
a) Go to the inputs folder. Edit the File 'userVariables.jsd' using wordpad. 
b) Delete all the contents of the file (in 6.x, each Task has its own variables file in the Automize\variables folder, so the existing Task variables can be deleted from here) 
c) add the following line: payrollDates=03/12/04,03/26/04,04/09/04,04/23/04,........ d) save this file 

3) Go to the Variables menu / Check Variables Syntax dialog. Check that the variable 'payrollDates' exists in the list (It should be at top of list after SYSNAME) and check that it shows the correct value 

4) Create a Variable Monitor task with the following settings: Variable Name = Select 'payrollDates' Variable Value = $%DATE::pp/dd/yy%$ Comparison Criteria = Contains 

5) Add this Variable Monitor task as the first step of your chain. If the current date is found in the variable 'payrollDates' then the task will have exitCode = -100, else exit code =0. Exit the chain if exitCode=0.

6) Schedule your chain to run every week on Friday. The Variable Monitor task (1st step will run every week) but the rest of the chain will only run on payroll dates.. 

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software