Subject Filename filter supports Regular expressions?
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Sir, 
I've setup an FTP task that will pick up .pdf (adobe files) format. The clients cannot assure us that the name of file will all be in upper case .. There's a possibility that it can be in lower case since these are generated manually by different departments. I kind of check the web and found that we can use [a-zA-Z) to ignore file name case... I need help on how to put this together ... [*.pdf a-zA-Z] ?????? 
Your help is greatly appreciated! 
Reply1 Thanks for using Automize. 
The Filename filter does not support regular expressions. See the help file on filename format for details of the rules. You should try: .pdf If the PDF is also capitalized then use : .pdf^.PDF all lower and upper case will be picked up. 
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