Subject Send email to user if his folder is updated
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I have read your FAQ and Knowledge base and am still having troubles doing the following: - 
I would like to send an email to (person xxx) when a file is uploaded to their (folder xxx) on our website. 
I need it to automatically send the email after I upload their artwork. Would I have to set up a Task for each and ever folder/person? 

I am not quite sure how I should do this. Could you please send me the parameters I should use. This would be a great help as I am trying to streamline and automate as much of my company's processes as possible. Your program seems to be what I need, I just need to make sure It can do what I need. If it does, I will DEFINITELY be purchasing your software, as I haven't found any as of yet for the Macintosh that will do what I need. Thank you in advance for your time. 

Best Regards,
Reply1 Hi Richard, 
Thanks for evaluating Automize. The answer will depend on the following: 
1) Where is Automize installed? On your local system? or is Automize installed and being run on the same system as the Web Server? 
2) If Automize is installed locally, do you have ftp access to the web server folder (for ftp monitoring) 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply2 I have it installed locally and I do have FTP access to the server for monitoring. Thank you for the quick reply.
Reply3 Hi Richard, 
First create a ftp profile (Tasks menu / Ftp / Ftp profile) for your webserver and test the connection using the Ftp browser provided.
Then create an email profile from the Settings / Email Server profile for your default email server. 
Then Create a test email task using the Tasks menu / Email / Send Email dialog and test sending an email to yourself 

You would have to create 4 tasks for each user. 
1) DirMonitor task 
Enter your directory and Filename for that user 
Task To Run = NONE 
Do not select subdirectory option 
(Directory monitor task stores the last modified time for that filename and if it changes returns an exit code = -100. else returns 0 if no change is found.) 
2) Ftp task, 
Fill in the following parameters 
Ftp Option = PUT 
Local Folder = directory where file is being uploaded from 
Remote Folder = get this value from the Ftp browser 
(browse to that users folder) 
Profile name = profile you created for your webserver 
Transfer Type = Binary 
3) Send Email Task, 
Fill in the following parameters 
Recipient = users email 
add Subject and message body required 
4) Chain Task (big blue links icon on front panel) 
Step 1 = DirMonitor task 
Select Option - If exit code >-1 go to step 100 
(In the Ftp task, if the criteria is matched, the exit code = -100. In this case the ftp task is run. If no change is detected in the file, then chain exits) 
Step 2 = Ftp task 
Select Option - If exit code > -1, go to step 100 
(In the Ftp task, if the file is transferred, the exit code = -100. In this case the email task is run. If exit code = 0 or greater (error) , the chain exits) 
Step 3 = Email task to that user. schedule this chain to run daily at some time. 

You would have to create a chain task for every user. 

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software