Subject check if Windows services are running
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Just wondering if there are any plans for Automizer to one day check if Windows services are running (Windows 2000), i.e. to restart them if they've stopped, to send an email if this is the case, etc. Thank you.
Reply1 1) No, we are not planning to add this task on. 
2)You can already achieve this using the Net Start command in a batch file. 
Net Start (gives you the list of running services) 
Net Start service_name (starts the service_name)
Reply2 The following two lines of code in a batch file, launches the Automize service if it is not running. 

net start | find /i "Automize">NUL 
if errorlevel==1 net start Automize 

Simply switch Automize with the name of the service that you need to check on