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Subject Directory Monitor Variables
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I monitor a directory with Dir Monitor. When a change is made, it outputs in the filename variable File 1, File 2 and so on. Is it possible to get the files one by one ? The problem is that i use it to trigger a text search task. And if the file matches the search criteria it should be deleted. This deletes all files that comes with the list. Thats why i would like to get them one by one.
Reply1 Thanks for using Automize. 
1) In version 5.x, The FileMonitor task has an additional Variable (::FileName) which outputs only the last filename that satisfies the condition. Maybe you can use this task instead? 
2) In version 6.x, we have added another variable (::FirstFileName) to the FileMonitor task, which outputs the first filename that satisfies the condition 
3) We cannot add a variable for every filename found, because sometimes users have folders with hundreds of thousands of files.. This would shut down the program with memory issues etc.. 
4) I will request that we add these two variables to the 6.x DirMonitor task (::FileName and ::FirstFileName) . We are not planning to add any new features/options into 5.x. 
-- Sincerely,  Hitek Software