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Subject Extract zip files only after they are uploaded to server
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I am running into a problem where I am uploading .zip files to a monitored directory. The problem is that the zip files are approx 50-60 megs and the ideal situation would be to have the files extract once they are completely uploaded to the server. Now I am aware that I can only monitor the directory say every 20 min or so, however I was curious if there was any way to not monitor the file until it is completely uploaded or something similar. Because right now, it extracts the zip half way through the upload process. Hopefully I am making some sense.
Reply1 Hi Michael, 
Thanks for using Automize. 
I am assuming that the zip files are moved out of the monitoring directory after they are extracted? If this is the case, In the File Monitor task you can monitor for files older than 1 hour (or between 1&3 hours etc..). This ensures that the entire file is uploaded to the monitored folder. Then pass the $%....::Filenames%$ (check exact syntax) variable as the filename of unzip task (and the copy/move/delete task if you are moving the zip file out of the folder.) 

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply2 I am still not sure this will what I was originally thinking. If the files are older than 1 hour will not work because then that would force the user to wait an hour for the file to be extracted..right? Or am I missing something. The problem now with the monitor is that it is trying to extract a zip before its completely uploaded, I just need to somehow make it work so that once its completely uploaded, then to the extract.
Reply3 Hi Michael, 
If you are uploading the files using the Automize Ftp task, you can Chain (Chain Task - Big blue links icon on front panel) the unzip task after the Ftp task. 
Then run the chain on a schedule rather than the Monitoring task.
keep me informed if this could work for you. 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply4 I actually I am ftp’ing to the server with the software so I am not using the FTP commands. I was doing a directory monitor on the folder I was ftp’ing to. 

I will keep playing..