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Subject Ftp upload works in manual browser but fails in task
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Hi. 
I am trying to get a file from ftp to my local drive, but cannot get the procedure to run. I want to get a file called CMITS_MP2.htm from my ftp default dir \Green\hv37 to C:\Test is this how it should be configured? I have setup a profile called Pipex and used the browser to manually carry out the task successfully. 
What am I doing wrong?????
Reply1 Hi Martin, 
Thanks for using Automize. 
Your settings seem fine. Make sure the filename is correct (case sensitive) . You can also enter part of the name (i.e. .htm will get all .htm files) 
Unfortunately, your data files did not get attached with the support request. Make sure that you email server is not preventing outgoing .zip attachemnts. The automize data files should provide me more info. Or you can send me the data files again as shown below. 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software
Reply2 Thanks Melvin 
I have attached the data file in the hope that this helps. Connection is fine, file is as specified and there are no ftp problems but file is not being copied. Have tried again using the ftp browser and file is copied OK, any ideas? 
Reply3 Hi Martin, 
Thanks for the data files. 
1) The error 2 is failing to connect to the server. Jul 10, 2004 8:50:00 PM
2) I noticed that the manual browser connects but automated task fails a few minutes later. It may be that the Ftp server is dropping the second connection. Many Ftp server will only allow one connection per user. ( The browser and automated task use separate connections. )In this case, you should stop the connection in the Ftp browser (X button) before testing the task. keep me informed 
-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software