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Subject How to send email only if file is uploaded
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I found a problem of enabling the chain function. One of the chain function is including FTP, sendEmail. First is FTP and sendEmail task. I've configured when the 'Exit code' is '-100 then 'Skip or step to' the sendEmail task. But the outcome is whenever the FTP is run, the sendEmail task is run also. 
Do you have any suggestion? 
Reply1 Hi Edmond, 
You should set the criteria for the Ftp step as: 
if Exit Code != -100 skip to step 100 
This way the chain will end if exit code != -100. 
If exit code = -100, 2nd step i.e. sendEmail will be run 
-- Sincerely,  Hitek Software