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Subject Email task smtp authentication fails
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Greetings, 
I’m using Automize 5.50 and have recently moved the home office, necessitating a switch to a new ISP (SBC). Since the move, Automize has not been able to send out email. The same SMTP authentication values work with Outlook email and AEP (Advanced Email Parser) rules. The following rule is typical of what I have been using successfully for a couple years. 
Can you see anything wrong with the setup in the screen snapshot? 
It’s giving me this error message: “Send Email - CellFund_10Day Sending failed; nested exception is: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException” 

Thank you for your help.

Reply1 Hi Jim, 
Thanks for using Automize. 
Try 'java' authentication. It works better than smtp authentication 
-- Sincerely,  Hitek Software