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Subject Copying web form data to excel file
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Hi Hitek, 
We are considering your software for automating copy and paste/data download for formatted form information from websites to Excel. Can we set up your software to copy, paste each field on a screen to a specific location in Excel, then scroll to the next record and repeat? 
Thank you.
Reply1 Hi, 
Thanks for your interest in Automize. 
1) You may be able to acheive this using some mouse / key macro software. But in general mouse/key based macros are very unreliable. 
2) From Automize, your best bet is to download the website form information into a simple text file, using the web task. Then import the text file into MSAccess or MSExcel etc.. 
-- Sincerely, Hitek Software