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Subject Scheduler does not start automatically when I start my system?
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message It appears that the scheduler for Automizer does not start automatically when I start my system. The scheduler seems to start with no problem when the user interface is started. Is there a command or setting to make the scheduler start automatically when the system is booted? I am using an
evaluation download copy. I tried to find the answer in your online help, but wasn't able to. If I have overlooked the answer and you can tell me where it was, that would be helpful also.

Thank you,
Reply1 Hi Rex,

Thanks for using Automize.
1) If you are on windows, You would need to use the NT service module
2) This is an optional addon and requires an additional license ($30)
3) The module can be downloaded from:

If you are on unix type systems, please read the followingarticle: