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Subject Ftp login connection time out
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message I am having difficulty with another FTP task. I am able to ftp if I use Windows command line (DOS window).  It takes a few minutes to connect to the remote server (far longer than any other server I have connected to). It will not work when I use Automizer. If I use the FTP utility, (see To_StandardIns_prof), I think I connect but then get booted off when I try to change directory. I have had my firewall person monitor the traffic and he thinks the application software times out waiting for the remote server to respond. Is there a timeout value that could be increased? Attached are some files from Automize. Rename the .xip to .zip.
Reply1 Hi Mary, 

1) From your logs it does seem that the login is timing out, though this has never
been an issue that we have ever faced. 
2) I will see if this setting is possible in our 3rd party api. If it is, we should be able
to add it into the profile settings. 
3) You can try the Ftp Command task. See the help on it. You can individually
send username and password information etc.. and set interval between commands

Melvin Desilva 
Hitek Software