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Subject Recognize paths with embedded space
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message 1) When specifying a local directory for a task such as an
FTPGet or a windows copy, Automize does not recognize any
path with an embedded space? Please respond as to nature of
bugs/rules regarding windows path/filenames.


M:\DOD HDD\Data Sustainment\FTP MGT\err_FTP-Test

2) How can I use cut and paste, Automize doesn't let me use
the windows paste feature.
Reply1 Thanks for using Automize.
1) It is not likely an issue with the embedded space since
most people on windows have spaces in their paths, and we
have not had the spaces be an issue before. i.e. you can
creat a folder called 'M:\DOD_HDD....' and you may
have the same problem.

2) Most likely using UNC conventions for your path should
resolve this issue:

3) In most Automize text fields, if you place the mouse
cursor in the field and right mouse click, it should bring up
a popup menu with copy/paste options.

Melvin Desilva
Hitek Software