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Subject How to move four oldest Files in the folder?
Version 6.x
Date   07/22/2007
Message Is it possible to do Move Files (within the Copy Files task) and limit the number of files moved to the four oldest in the folder? I am receiving files via FTP every hour. It takes 1.5 hours to process four files (unzip,
LPR to server, zip back up). I can't keep up with the files received hourly and cannot process more than four at a time due to the sizes of the files. I end up with a backlog of unprocessed files and have to turn off automation because I can't process all the files at once.

I want to move the four oldest files from FTP to FTP-in, process them and then get the next four oldest files in FTP and move them to FTP-in. Can you help me?
Reply1 Hi Mary, 

If it takes 1.5 hrs to process 4 files, and you recieve more than 4 files every 1.5 hrs, there is bound to be backlog no matter what you do. 

1) There is no option to move x amount of files only. i.e. there is no way to move 4 files only. 
2) You can try and move 1 file at a time using File Monitor task + Copy task (move option) and process immediately. 
For FileMonitor task, look for files older than 30 minutes, to prevent moving files that still being Ftp'ed to the folder. 
For Copy task filename use the variable $%File_Monitor_Task_title::FileName%$. 
Then process this file immediately in a chain using your process. When the process finishes, loop back to the File Monitor task in the chain. This way everything is running continously and gives you the best chance to finish processing. 

Melvin Desilva 
Hitek Software