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Subject Ftp task fails to delete source file
Date   07/22/2007
Message We are using tasks to FTP and backup mutiple files and finding that it often fails to delete the source file. I'm assuming that Automizer still has a lock on the file as there is no A/V or backup software running and source file was created well before the task was run. Is there anyone to put a delay into the task?
Reply1 Thanks for using Automize. I guess that you are referring to something like this: Oct 6, 2004 12:15:06 PM Transferred: E:\EDI Files\PO\20041005140210680.txt , To: /20041005140210680.txt Local file backed up to : E:\EDI Files\PO\History\20041005140210680.txt Failed to delete: E:\EDI Files\PO\20041005140210680.txt

Not sure why this occurs. After the file is transferred, the transfer stream is closed and the file should be unlocked at this point. infact a copy is done after that.. so i guess Ftp is not locking it. 1) Does this failure happen in service context, i.e. if you restart the engine from User interface, does this problem go away? Does this problem come back after logout or after engine is started from service control manager.? 2) Just curious if there is any permissions issue related to the NT service not allowing a delete.

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