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Subject I stop the engine but, scheduler restarts every 4 minutes
Date   07/22/2007
Message Is there a way i can stop the schedule task, I stop the engine but for some reason every 4 minutes Scheduler kicks in.
Reply1 1) The only time tasks will keep running after shutting down engine is if you have set the scheduler to wait for all running tasks to finish before shutting down. (scheduler menu / scheduler settings) 

2) If you shut down the engine, all tasks should stop running. You can verify that engine is stopped by checking the Task Manager. The engine should show up as javaw.exe on windows. 

3) Are you using/evaluating the Automize NT service module? if so, the NT service module makes sure that the scheduler engine is always running and restarts it if it is shut down. In this case, shut down the service from the Service Control manager.