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Subject Chain option to allow email notifications of tasks within it.
Date   01/19/2006
Message Good Morning,

I've setup a chain that have 4 FTP tasks that delivers the same file to 4 different destination hosts. We need an email notification from Automize if this chain fail so ... currently it is setup to ---> if exit code != -100 skip to step 100. The only issue on this type of setup is when one of the FTP tasks fail. (possible reason: server down ....) the rest of the FTP tasks within the chain don't run, we need to manually run each of those tasks.

I've setup a test chain to skip to the next step instead of skipping to 100 (exit chain with email notification), this works fine .. it skip to the next FTP tasks and successfully deliver the file to the rest of destination hosts. The only issue is that the chain generated exit code 0 which is successful chain although one of the FTP tasks within the chain failed. Is there a way that Automize can send email notification on the FTP that failed within the chain and receive a exit code other than 0 on chain completion - since one of the task failed?

Thanks for your help!

Reply1 Hi Josie,

1) Only the Scheduled task (in this case the chain) can trigger an email notification. 
2) We have already added to our wishlist for 6.x, an option to the chain to allow email notifications of tasks within it. It will be added in around 6.13-6.15 due early next year, if it is possible in our code. 
3) one option is to run variable monitor tasks (in a chain that runs after the Ftp chain) that monitor the exit code and trigger the email notification. You will have to setup email notification profile for these variable monitor tasks. This of course adds a lot more complications 
4) another option: you may also try scheduling each of the Ftp tasks individually outside the chain. 
5) Another option: is to add an email task after each Ftp task and skip the email task if the Ftp task succeeds. You probably need to create only one email task and use it 4 times. To get the correct Ftp task title etc in the email task body or subject , try and use the $%LastTaskTitleRun%$ variable. I have never tried this, and this variable may not be accurate and actually may be the title of the email task itself.. In this case you will have to create 4 email tasks which again adds complications.

6) For future support requests, please add the term 'Automize Support Request' in your email subject. Emails with 'support' in the subject get filtered automatically to the support folder. This prevents it from being filtered out as junk/spam mail.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software