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Subject Ftp features and capabilities
Date   01/19/2006
Message Can you tell which of your software could be a solution for me to do the following:

- Monitor a specific folder for any file (or existing file change) and forward that file to another server (ability to delete the original after forwarding)

- To do the above with several folders giving *DIFFERENT* FTP Server destinations. (ie: folder1 goes to ftp1, folder2 to ftp2...etc)

- Not transfer partial source files if they are not finished (ie: if the source to be transferred is huge and not completed, that the FTP transfer does not prematurely begin.. .SPANDIV meaning I need to wait for the file to complete before sending)

- To execute a batch file or command string before sending (not as important as above, but will allow me to convert thorough 3rd party software a file before sending)

- Will allow the monitoring of another FTP server and when a file changes, FTP to another (server to server transfers)

Thanks in advance for any help

Reply1 Hi Terry

Thanks for your interest in our products. Automize would be able to accomplish most of what you need. Some notes: 
1) It has local file monitor task , and an Ftp task 
2) You can create tasks for each local folder / ftp server pair 
3) The Ftp task can also transfer local files only if they are older than X minutes etc.. This would allow you to only transfer completed files (assuming it takes less than X minutes to create the source files) 
4) There is no Server to Server tasks in any of our products so you would have to do a get+put to transfer files between servers. 
5) There is a WinCommand task to run batch files.

-- Sincerely, Hitek Software