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Subject Zip files individually instead of grouping them together
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hi: 
I have a question on the built in archive (zip) task. I have a license for Automize 6.10 and currently use the built in task to zip up files in a folder on the network and it is working well. However, I've received a request to change it to zip the files individually instead of grouping them together. The scenario goes something like this:

* Folder A receives files to be zipped and FTP'd to a remote sited.

* Automize checks folder A every 10 min and if files are there moves it to folder B to be zipped.

* Automize's next task zips up the files and appends a date-time stamp to the zipped file name. Deletes the original files and moves the zip files to Folder C.

* Automize's next task FTP's the zip file(s) to the remote site and when completed moves the zip file to the completed folder for a backup.

These are the basic steps I am currently doing but with some embellishments for emails and notifications. What I need to do is individually zip the files in folder B before moving to folder C and delete the original files. Once this is accomplished, FTP'ing the files is easy as I can do a Mput for all the files in the folder.

Any help on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.



Reply1 Hi Tony,

Thanks for using Automize. Please look up the following user case study article:

This article was based on 5.x. Most of it will be valid for 6.x. Hope it helps.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software

Reply2 Melvin: 
Thanks for the link. One question, files will be coming in fast and furious. If I schedule Automize to check the folder every one minute, will it pull multiple files or zip them individually in the zip folder?


Reply3 Hi Tony,

Per the example, for each run of the schedule, only one file will be processed each cycle, since only one filename is listed in the $%.....::FileName%$ variable. So, only one file will be zipped and deleted/copy/move each cycle, if you use $%.....::FileName%$, as the filename field in the zip and delete/copy/move task.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software

Reply4 Melvin: Thank! I think I understand it now. I may need to test this on a separate PC with another license for Automize for development and future testing.