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Subject Request for Automize Enhancements
Date   01/19/2006
Message Melvin,

Below I've listed the requested enhancement along with the reasoning behind the request.

Enhancement 1) Add a checkbox for each step in the chain to allow steps to be disabled.

Reasoning 1) We have a number of file transport chains that contain one ftp-input with multiple ftp-outputs. On occasion one of the outputs may be scheduled down for repair (sometimes for an extended period). Currently our choices are to run the job manually, skipping the ftp task for the server that is down, or to delete the steps and then replace them when they are needed. Neither is an optimal option.

Enhancement 2) Again we have a number of file transport chains that contain one ftp-input with multiple ftp-outputs. Add the ability to the command line to execute a chain and select at which step chain begins execution.

Reasoning 2) We have built a number of web pages, for our command center, that access the command line to rerun failed chains. Currently they can only use the web interface on chains that fail at the first step. For chains that fail elsewhere someone familiar with Automize needs to be called or paged. If the chain could be started from the point of failure, the Command Center staff could rerun the chain themselves.

Enhancement 3) A stand alone, password protected, user account database utility that can read archived copies of the ftpProfiles.jsd and sshProfiles.jsd files and display the decrypted passwords (This is more of a new product request than a Enhancement).

Reasoning 3) Since we build most of the scheduled file transfers within the enterprise, people expect us to keep track of all of the accounts, usernames, and passwords that we use. We have tried to du this in a number of different ways, each with varying degrees of success. A utility program like this would provide us with a tool that our Command Center staff could use for password requests, without giving full access to Automize. To make it more useful, perhaps it could have the ability to select between multiple password files. In this way e could do a nightly copy of the pertinent files from all of our Automize systems to a central password directory, and they could also create password files for other non-Automize systems.

Thank you for your continuing excellent support. Stuart


Reply1 Hi Stuart,

1) Thanks for the suggestions. I will add them to our wishlist. If they are small enhancements which are easy to implement, they will be put into 6.x updates. Any involved features will be left for 7.x, which we will start working on in mid 05 and released in end 05. 
2) In the future, always include "support" or "automize" in your email subject. This ensures that your email is not filtered away.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software


Comment Enhancements 1 & 2 have been implemented in version 6.12