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Subject java.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses
Date   01/19/2006
Message W are having a problem when trying to send emails via an email task. The problem is that it works fine when we specify emails to addreses within our company, ****, but when we try to send to external addresses (*, * ...) we get the following log message:

Nov 25, 2004 5:08:32 PM Send Email - ITINSEmailPDF - Start Instance = 156

Nov 25, 2004 5:08:32 PM Added Recipient: To::****

Nov 25, 2004 5:08:32 PM Adding Attachment: ***

Nov 25, 2004 5:08:32 PM Sending failed;

nested exception is:

java.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses;

nested exception is:

javax.mail.SendFailedException: 550 Relaying is prohibited

Nov 25, 2004 5:08:32 PM Send Email - ITINSEmailPDF - End Instance = 156 , Exit Code = 0 , Runtime (ms) = 219

Nov 25, 2004 5:08:32 PM Send Email : ITINSEmailPDF : exit code = 0

Yet we can send successfully through Outlook.

Any help/pointers would be most appreciated.

Also is there any way that tasks in the task/schedule windows can be grouped into folders of some sort so as to seperate work in progress or test tasks from completed/production tasks.

Kind regards


Reply1 Hi Roger,

Thanks for using Automize. 
1) Please read the following article on relaying denied:

Most likely the issue is that your company is using an Exchange mail server which has to allow your account and/or IP address to send smtp email. You would have to contact your mail server admin for this.

2) Currently There is no way to separate the tasks into sets/folders, but You could do a second install of Automize on the same machine into another folder for the development tasks. This would not violate the license and the registration key would be the same (same computer and username) 
a) Preferably use the All platforms installer (.zip file), to prevent messing up your current production system start menu links. 
b) After unzip, To launch the engine from the Automize.bat batch file, change the launch code in Automize.bat to use the already installed java: "c:\program files\automize\jre\bin\javaw" -cp .;inputs;mail.jar;activation.jar;NetComponents.jar;jclasses.jar Automize 
c) Also, on startup, you would have to change the engine port to be some other value than 1965, since 1965 is being used by the production system Automize. 
d) You would not be able to use the NT service for the development system Automize. 
e) you could transfer tasks between the two Automize installs using the File Menu/ Import/export 6.x data . Read instructions on this feature very carefully.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software