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Subject Setting user defined schedules.
Date   01/19/2006
Message How can i define execption days in microsoft access - Tasks at daily runing. I want to take out runnings on German legal holidays or on nonworkdays in Germany
Reply1 Hi gerhard,

Thanks for using Automize. 
1) you can specify exclusion dates using dynamic variables using the procedure detailed below for another user who wanted to run the schedules only on payroll dates. You will have to use german holiday dates instead of payroll dates, and Instead of "Contains" , use "does not Contain", and also schedule the task to run daily. 

sincerely,  hitek software

Procedure to set flexible schedule: 
a) Go to the inputs folder. Edit the File 'userVariables.jsd' using wordpad. 
b) add the following line: payrollDates=03/12/04,03/26/04,04/09/04,04/23/04,........ c) save this file

3) Go to the Variables menu / Check Variables Syntax dialog. Check that the variable 'payrollDates' exists in the list (It should be at top of list after SYSNAME) and check that it shows the correct value

4) Create a Variable Monitor task with the following settings: Variable Name = Select 'payrollDates' Variable Value = $%DATE::pp/dd/yy%$ Comparison Criteria = Contains

5) Add this Variable Monitor task as the first step of your chain. If the current date is found in the variable 'payrollDates' then the task will have exitCode = -100, else exit code =0. Exit the chain if exitCode=0.

6) Schedule your chain to run every week on Friday. The Variable Monitor task (1st step will run every week) but the rest of the chain will only run on payroll dates..