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Subject Saving windows Event log automatically
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hello,

We are current users of Automate and we have a question; We want to save the windows event files and thought we could use automate to do it. Basically we want to setup a schedule task to automatically we want to "save log file as" under the file menu in event viewer ~ not export as we lose critical information. we found that we can't backup windows system event files as they are corrupted I believe we can use automate to do it but I'm not sure how....

Reply1 Hi David,

Thanks for using Automize. In the event viewer, right mouse click on the log you are interested in (i.e. application or security or system) . A popup menu will show up. Click on the Properties menu item. In the "Application log properties" , check the Log Name. This gives you the full path to the event log file. In Automize, Create a new copy task to copy the log file using the log file directory and filename(case sensitive)

sincerely, melvin desilva hitek software

Reply2 Melvin, 
I tried your sugestion manually, and it doesn't work... When I try and open the file with event viewer I get a corrupt event log error message. You have to be able to use Event viewer to save the log file to create a useable version. I think there are some PERL scripts that i can use but I got to believe there are some simple elegant ways to do it... Most tools export it as a "text" file but you lose to much information. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
Reply3 Hi David,

Yes, i got the same corrupt message. 1) I guess it is some form of security to prevent copying the event logs. When you make a copy (either through dos or automize) the file sizes are off by a few bytes, which I guess is done purposely by the operating system 2) If you can use a perl script , you could run that script using the WinCommand or Command tasks

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software