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Subject Issue with bulk email task
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hi, I am trying to test out the bulk e-mail capabilities of this software. I have a message.txt file that I call to in the Message Body section: $$$/Users/....../message.txt

(this is on a macintosh OSX) I also have a recipient list file at: /Users/......./recipients.txt

My recipient list looks something like this:^^^^

And my message file contains this:

This is a test message. If you would rather not receive E-mail alerting you of *** special offers, product announcements, and other news, just let us know by clicking http://www.****.com/db/admin/unsuscribe.php?email=%%1.

The automize program sends out the e-mail to all the addresses on the list, but the link in the message is wrong. Where I use %%1, it displays '' in all the e-mails, instead of switching that with the current e-mail address. Can you help me figure this out?

Thanks for your assistance,


Reply1 Hi Derek,

I just tested and reproduced your problem. We will fix this
bug in the next patch update 6.12 (patches are available via
our Support Page / Latest Patches. We normally release a
patch when a bug is reported. This update may be available
this weekend.

Melvin Desilva
Hitek Software