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Subject Suppress the windows command prompt from appearing when batch files run
Date   01/19/2006
Message I'm running some .bat files through Automize. The Task Type is Windows Command and the other is just Command. Is there a way I can suppress the windows command prompt from appearing when it runs? I need to run this task every 10 seconds and the flashing screen gets annoying. Even if it just appears on the bottom of the screen in the task bar that would be ok. Is there a way for me to do this?


Reply1 Hi Michael,

Thanks for using Automize. 
1) The only way to achieve this in Automize would be to use NT service module. This module requires an additional license , and can be downloaded from the Automize dowload page. 
2) You would also have to start the Automize engine using the Service Control Manager. If the engine is already running in the normal mode, you would have to stop the engine from user interface, and then start the Automize engine using Service Control Manager.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software