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Subject Ftp profile issue 
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hi,

I was hoping that someone coud review the errors I am getting for the ftp task "SendPSOEligtoHealthPlex". I don't know why the task is not sending over the files. I am guessing that perhaps the FTP Profile is not set up properly, but I cannot see where. Thanks.


Reply1 Thanks for using automize. 
1) You email had no subject, which normally gets filtered out as spam, but surprisingly your email came through. 
2) Unfortunately, Your task data settings were not included in the email. It is better to send us your data files using the email support generator as shown below. This lets us reproduce your setup on our system and makes it easier to debug issues.
3) Just by looking at the logs, it could be an issue with the Names Only / AutoDetect for the DirListing style. For a Microsoft ftp server, it should be set at DOS style.

-- Support, Hitek Software