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Subject Burn CD automatically when file appears in folder
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hello,

I am trying to create a automated task for burning movies. I want the task to monitor my f drive for a certain file type .ifo and when it notices that file ext. it will bring up a popup with a continue or cancel task menu but will auto continue if no answer after 15 seconds. When it continues it will auto launch dvd decrypter and wait 20 minutes and load another program dvd shrink.

I have tried to figure this out. But have ran into nothing but problems since I am new to this. If maybe your company had a forum or such for people to chat and experience the problems together and with the expert users help, it would make it easier on us newbies.


Reply1 Hi JJ,

Thanks for evaluating Automize. 
1) You may be able to accomplish this using a FileMonitor task, 2 Open Document (or WinCommand tasks) and a Chain task (big Blue links icon on front panel). 
2) However, you will not be able to get a popup with a continue or cancel , since most Automize run automatically without user intervention. 
3) I assume that the dvd decrypter and shrink can be launched either using Open Documents (simply point to the dvd .exe executable) or via Command line using WinCommand task. 
4) I assume that once the decrypter and shrink are launched they automatically work on the .ifo files without user intervention? Only if this is true will you be able to automatically run this setup.

-- Sincerely,  Hitek Software