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Subject Get list of files in zip archive without unzipping
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hi Melvin: Is there and parameters I can add to create a text file list of the files inside the zip without unzipping it? I would like to write the contents of a zip file to a folder with the name of the zipfile.txt


Reply1 Hi Tony,

1) There is no option in the unzip task to achieve this
2) The closest you could come to getting this done through
automize is by:
a) running an unzip task and unzipping to a a temp folder
where the files can be deleted. The unzip task output in the
TaskLog could be used as a list of the files.
b) In the logs menu / logfile preferences, you would also
have to select the option to 'delete tasklog before each run'
c) After each run, run a copy task to copy the tasklog to the
desired folder, and append .txt to the name.

Melvin Desilva
Hitek Software