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Subject Download file from web server with filename varying by date
Date   01/19/2006
Message I am testing the Automize program to work in my environment.

I am trying to download a variably named zip file each day.

The zip file does not have a specific format other than it is a zip.

I have been trying to say get all zip files that have been modified with the last 24 hours, however I can't figure out the secret to specifying a variable before zip, i.e. ***.zip, how do you specify a variable.

Here is what I am looking for- http:\\\[this is where I need help because it changes].zip

When I put in an actual file name into the above, it works fine; I just don't want to do that everyday :-)

Reply1 Hi Jeff,

Thanks for using Automize. 
1) The webservers generally do not provide directory listings (like regular ftp server or local file systems), since there is no standard for providing web server dir listings. Hence for the web task, we cannot provide filename wildcard support. Is the .zip filename dependent on todays date etc.? or are they totally random?

2) You could also try the URL Monitor task - This task works like a search engine spider. ONLY files that are connected via hyperlink to the root url can be downloaded. If this is the case for your .zip files , then you can try this task. This task supports filename and foldername filters (so you could use .zip for the filename and it would only download .zip files).

-- Support,  Hitek Software