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Subject How to resend file if Ftp error 426 occurs
Date   01/19/2006
Message Hello,

A few months ago I obtained advise from you about automating the checking of Windows Service statuses, i.e. to check if they had stopped for whatever reason and email me. This has been working great but I now need to come up with something to check on FTP transfers initiated by Automizer (v6). Is there a way that upon an FTP failure occuring (specifically "426 Connection closed; transfer aborted") that the file could be resent. Basically is there a way to emulate some sort of RETRY for the file that failed. I don't want to re-intiate the whole copy and so re-copy files that were successfully FTP transferred; if 10 files need copying and the 6th fails (with the error mentioned above) then I only want to resend file number 6, not files 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Many thanks.

Reply1 Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for using Automize. 
1) After a successfull Ftp transfer, in many processes the source file is moved out from the ftp folder either using the delete source file after transfer option or backup local file option, or a subsequent copy/delete task. If this is the case for you, you can use another ftp task (scheduled about an hour later) to run again. If the file still exists in the local folder, it will be transferred again. If the file has already been transferred, and does not exist in the folder, nothing will happen during second run. 
2) If the files are not moved out of the folder, then you should select the option to maintain timestamp, and transfer modified files only. In subsequent scheduled runs, the file will be transferred. 
3) normally if a failure occcurs, the exit code > 0. In this case , if you put the Ftp task in a chain you can loop till exit code <= 0. This way you do not have to wait for the next schedule.

-- Sincerely,  Hitek Software