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Subject JavaMail and AOL problems
Date   01/19/2006
Message Melvin, 

We've been having a problem where emails sent by Automize get kicked back by the AOL spam checking processes. My Automize emails use an earthlink SMTP server (from our DSL service). Please note that emails sent manually via outlook TO the same aol address, FROM the same *** address using the same mailserver are accepted.

I've spoken to AOL tech support and earthlink tech support, and the latest suggestion is that the Automize mail or mail headers are formed incorrectly? Any thoughts or suggestions? See below for AOL error email. We are running Automize 6.11.

Note: if you called AOL or looked into their error web page, you would see that they have identified that the Automize emails come from some kind of program or script... how can they tell this? It this the reverence to javamail that you can see in the below header??



Reply1 Hi Chris,

1) The java forum has been down today, so i could not research your issue at 

2) Do the following: in version 6.x, go to the logs menu, logfile preferences, debug tab, and select the option for email debuging. Then run an email task and send me your Automize data as shown below.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software


Reply2 I will do that. One interesting aspect that has cropped up. When I add myself to the addressing of the task (with my non aol email address), the problem goes away!

Step 1: Set up task as would ideally have it, for better (worse), this client uses an email.

2. Client complains that they aren't getting email notifications.

3. Troubleshooting: see that task runs ok and also get rejection notice from AOL. I then add myself to the email address, so that I can manually call them each time to make sure they are notified.

4. Now that I am on the email address, they seem to get the email every time! I can't guarantee that it is EVERY time, but it seems to be. This is the 2nd time I've seen this same cycle and result.

Anyway, a bit ugly, esp, since I will be getting lots of email that I don't want, but the main issue seems to be somewhat resolved. I will process your log suggestions regardless.