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Subject JaSFtp questions
Date   10/27/2006
Message Hi,

ive some questions about JaSFTP

is it possible to use it via command line ?

who is the automation implemented ? is it running as a task ?

is a graphical Interface (like KDE) necessary or is it possible to use JaSFtp only via command line ?

is there a test version available ?

Best regards

Reply1 Hi Michael,

Thanks for your interest in JaSFtp. 
1) Yes, there is an optional Commandline module which requires an additional license. 
2) Yes, the automation is a very customized SFtp task. You can see the options for the task in the following picture: 
3) There is a GUI available. I have used it on Gnome. 
4) Right now (version 6.07) we only have MacOSX and Windows installers. We will provide a Linux installer in the release (6.08) in about 2 weeks.

-- Sincerely, Melvin Desilva Hitek Software