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Subject Ftp capability differences in Automize, AbleFtp, JaSFtp 
Date   01/19/2006
Message Melvin,

Iíve been successful in connecting to a VMS server. I have further questions

1) what are the differences between your three products?

a. I need to be able to connect to different ftp servers concurrently

b. What is the maximum # of concurrent connections?

c. I need the email notification feature

d. What is the maximum # of scheduled tasks allowed?

e. Does it handle server to server transfers?


Reply1 Hi Michael,

Glad to know you can connect to VMS. We need to put up a feature table grid
outlining features.
1) AbleFtp is a subset of both JaSFtp and Automize. i.e. Everything you can do in AbleFtp is available in the other two.
2) Automize has a lot more tasks and Automation features than JaSftp. But it does not come with SFTP support. You can add SFTP support to Automize with the addon SFTP module (additional license ). In this case SFTP tasks and GUI are added into Automize. i.e. JaSFtp is a subset of (Automize + SSH addon module)
3) All tasks are multithreaded so you can connect to multiple Ftp servers. There is no limit to the number of concurrent connections to separate Ftp Servers. The User interface manual Ftp window is not multithreaded. i.e. you can connect to only one server manually.
4) All products have the email notification feature
5) Scheduled tasks limit = 1000 in all products
6) Server to Server transfers are not supported in any product

Melvin Desilva
Hitek Software