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Subject JaSFtp questions
Date   02/02/2008
Message Hello, I got the information about your FTP tools through the internet. I have a requirement of this kind of a tool for a bank in Japan. At a high level following are the requirements.

1. Automated SFTP of files from one server to another- this should be running as a service and should be available 24X7. The files should be transferred as and when a new file is created in the directory configured. 
2. Schedule SFTP of files from one server to another. 3. Backup of files after ftp.

I would like to know the following:

1. Your FTP tools support the above requirements? 
2. Any kind of load testing is done on the tools? In other words, is it capable of handling huge volumes of files? 
3. How reliable the NT service is? 
4. Do you have any support in Japan? 
5. Would you be able to give a quote for 2 licenses 
6. Do you deliver the software in CD? 
7. Can the payment be done through wire transfer?

An early response is highly appreciated.

With warm regards,




Hi Manikantan,

Thnaks for your interest in JaSFtp. 
1) There is no server to server SFTP or Ftp task. Only Server to Client tasks are available 
2) Very advanced scheduler and backup options are available after SFtp in the task itself. Also, there are additional copy, and synchronize tasks. 
3) The NT service module has been used in our software for 3 yrs now. It is a 3rd party solution which we have customized for us, and is very reliable. 
4) There is no japanese support and we do not plan to implement the user interface in japanese. We are planning to translate the help file first in french, german and then later into other languages 
5) The price per license is $100. So two license is $200. 
6) The software is available on CD as well as for download. 
7) The purchase is through 3rd party purchaing sites. Payments is through Purchase order (check or other) or online/fax via credit card. No wire transfer is accepted. see purchase page:

-- support at Hitek Software