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Subject Specify Schedule between 17:40 to 18:20
Date   01/19/2006
Message Dear support

I have a question about the "Scheduled Task" of the JaSFtp. Actually I would like to run a task every 5 min in a particular period. But the "Scheduled Task" window shows only "Time" which is selectable one value between 1 and 60 and "Selected Hours". So, How can I specify these options in case a task runs every 5 min ,say, from 17:40 to 18:20 .

Thanks and Regards, Harunobu Hirota Shinsei Bank, LIMITED.


Reply1 Hi Hirota,

Thanks for using JaSFTp. 
1) There is no option for a time window i.e. (17:40-18:20). I will request that this feature be added into a future 6.x update. 
2) Right now, you will have to create multiple schedules: a) schedule 1 = schedule every 5 Minutes - Start time 40, select hour = 17 only this will run tasks from 40,45,50,55 b) schedule 5 different tasks to run daily at 18:00, 18:05 etc..

-- Sincerely, Hitek Software