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Windows 7, 2008 Server, and Windows 64 Bit Special instructions

Some Windows 7 systems, 64 Bit and other special windows configuration work better with java 1.5 or java 1.6.  Our 8.x installers ship with java 1.4. 

1a) If software is not installed, install the software using our native .exe installer.
1b) If software is already installed, shutdown Engine and User interface

2) Browse to the main software install folder (automize8 or ableftp8 or jasftp8 or autokrypt8 etc..)
3) Delete the jre subfolder if it exists.
4) Download  java 1.5   , 
OR   java 1.6
5) Unzip the archive.  A 'jre' folder will be created.
6) Copy this 'jre' folder to the main install folder.
7) Startup the software