Version 12.08-12.09 released - 02/24/2020

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Version 12.08-12.09 released - 02/24/2020

Postby Tech Support » Fri Mar 06, 2020 9:38 am

Patch ID = 12.09
Patch release date: 02/24/2020
* SFTP browser - download error fix
* SFTP Mavrick library updated to version 1.7.27, release data 02/05/2020.
* Task Tab, Variables panel only loads 200 characters of each variable to prevent gui from freezing incase of large variables.
* EULA updated to reflect lesser amount of usage and register post data collected.
* Windows & Mac installers now bundled with JRE 11.03

Patch ID = 12.08
Patch release date: 08/11/2019
* Database SQL task supports variables for most fields.
* Usage data is not posted for license keys which exist in our database.
* Registration post does not include usage data.
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